Buying Books Has Never Been This Fun

So, apparently wearing nail polish is another way to attract men.

Today was one of those bizarre days, were I felt I was different than my usual self. I felt sick to my stomach;  my neck hurt, and I felt really, really tired. Apparently is another form of depression, mixed in with a lot of stress since my nerves were killing me. I have broken a few bones during my childhood, and I have had my dose of sore throats, but, overall I am a very healthy person. I don’t suffer from anything, or so I thought, until today. I spent the whole day feeling restless and helpless. So finally, I called my good friend Yaime, and went to get some “treatment”… nothing really, just went to the book store to… well, buy some books, and get some of the addictive stuff they call “caramel frappuccino”… venti.

The book store is so much fun, trust me, I can not believe I’m saying this myself, but it is the truth. We have fun making fun of what we think are crappy books and, of the people who actually waste time reading those crappy books. In the other hand, The Girl Who Played With Fire which is on the third table, keeps moving mysteriously to the first table, right next to The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest -if I could find the first book of the series it will automatically make its way to the first table as well, right in front of the entrance. The guys at the manga section hate us; They can’t figure out why I go there to pick a manga (Japanese comic book) if I think their male characters look like girls, and this for some reason makes me laugh like if I had never laughed before. The clerk at the desk is wondering why we even wear glasses since we can’t seem to ever find the book we are looking for, and it happens to be right there, in front of our nose. And finally, they are surely about to cancel my rewards card for extreme usage. I think next time we go there, they will officially escort us out of the store.

Two hours later, high on caffeine and books -we might never read- in hand, we headed home to watch Bones. And there was this interesting discussion about nail polish during our drive. My friend tells me women wear red nail polish to attract men -unconsciously- because since the beginning of times, men would hunt and women would cook, and their nails would be stained with blood after cooking the meat, and that is the reason why men find red nail polish very sexy. It’s primitive, she said. And of course, men love primitive. Well, that is a very interesting theory. Naturally, after dropping her at her house, I tried researching on it, and however far fetch this might seem, I did find many comments on how women believe we wear red nail polish to attract men, but nothing to corroborate my friend’s theory. Well, it wasn’t really hers, she saw it on TV. Even when it was on TV,  I still don’t know if that could be true. What do you think?

I actually found  another interesting/funny theory; red symbolizes your blood (really?) and means you are very outgoing and tend to speak your mind. I don’t really wear nail polish at all, its very rarely when I do, I still speak my mind regularly though. Those this means I will probably, most likely wear red nail polish… that is, when I do wear nail polish?


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