Keepsake of the Spring

Talking about one of the best opening songs for anime on my post Kiri, I was thinking today which could be one of the best ending songs for an anime. I didn’t think much before coming with an answer; Haru No Katami from anime Ayakashi.

Ayakashi: Samurai Horror Tales, is an animated series consisting of three horror Japanese stories; “Yotsuya Kaidan” (“Yotsuya Ghost Story”); “Tenshu Monogatari”, although translated as “Goddess of the Dark Tower” the word monogatari actually means tale, so I presumed it would be something like “The Tale of Tenshu”, but it turns out it has a completely different name in English; and the third story is, “Bake Neko” (“Goblin Cat”) The series was produced by Toei Animation, with three different directors and writers for each episode, and it was released in 2006.

About this anime, I have to say it captivated me completely. I never thought I would be so spellbound. At first, it didn’t seemed like it was going to do the trick, but boy did it trick me! Amazing animation, and the tales were just so good, I watched it more than once. My only concerned was getting nightmares.

The opening theme is good, very good. However, what really caught my interest was the ending song “Haru No Katami”. The singer is Hajime Chitose, and I have found the lyrics… in English.

Haru No Katami


The color of falling blossom fills the sky
which lingers with end of my selfish love
Eventually, after everything has passed away
I will think of nobody but you

Once upon a time during spring, we kissed for the
first time underneath the evening twilight
Enveloped within an illusion of fragrance
I thought of nobody but you

We found each other in our sadness
and in the pouring rain we held one another
Before I can no longer breathe or see
I will think of nobody but you

This fleeting memento of spring
is the most beautiful thing I have
and I want to leave it here, just for you
just for you

A party of fluttering, dancing,
blossoms make the moon stop its orbit
without being afraid of losing their way
they just keep flowing

As I rest my body against your chest
I relinquish my life

Before I can no longer breathe or see
I think of nobody but you

Eventually, after everything has passed away
I will think of nobody but you

Oh if you can somehow hear my voice
know that it’s a voice that thinks only of you

Got the Lyrics from;

UPDATE- I had to change the music video I had for this song. I could not find one video of the singer, instead I found many fan made videos of other anime with this song. So, I decided, even when it has no relation to Ayakashi: Samurai Horror Tales, I prefer the fan video for Samurai 7 than any other, since I loved the anime so much I became too attached to Okamoto Katsushiro, the male character showed in this fan video. He was my favorite samurai out of the seven.

Let me clarified once again; this song is not from the anime Samurai 7, but, from the anime Ayakashi: Samurai Horror Tales. Just in case we get confuse. 😉


4 thoughts on “Keepsake of the Spring

  1. Wow, what a great song. I love Ms. Hajime’s voice and her music, it’s so relaxing. I also like “Kataritsugu Koto”, if you haven’t heard it, I definitely recommend it.

    The anime sounds really interesting, too. I’m definitely going to check it out.

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