My Last Attempt At Drawing…!

Ok so I basically grew up between  the shadows of two incredible artists, My Friend Laura(The creator of this blog) and My friend Yaime.  I gave it a few tries back in High School but I wasn’t a success. GRRRR!!!  Without any formal art training, only whatever I could absorb from watching Laura and Yaime draw at the speed of light, I managed to create a few decent drawings mainly of people I knew and stuff, but I won’t show you those because I am DEEPLY embarrassed…jejeje Now after many years I decided to give it another try and so the other day I tried to resuscitate my muse who had been mummified for years and who wasn’t on speaking terms with me. I don’t blame her after all I was the one who killed her.  After many pleads for forgiveness my muse returned to me and I was able to draw once more, I also promised her not to send her away again.  Finally here is my attempt at drawing my boyfriend’s face (for those of you who know him let me know what you think) last time I drew was in 1999.



5 thoughts on “My Last Attempt At Drawing…!

  1. This is really good. I think your shading is very good, and his eyes came out amazing. Great job on the beard, too.

    • OK now that I have read what you wrote. It is “galletica”. Great!!! It looks like him, like I said. And thank you for humbleness my friend, but I don’t think I’m all that incredible!!!

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