I’m So Nice, But If You Fuck With Me? I Will…END… You

Said Jasel by the copy machine on Friday, (my friend and co-worker) this was by no means directed towards me, she was just giving me the heads up of whats about to happen in the near future if any of the other secretaries tries to step on her…lmao
Jasel looks like an innocent sweet little girl who would do everything in her power to please you and be the best person she can be all the time. Her work at the office is impeccable and her boss as well as everyone else know she is nothing but an asset to the firm. I am starting to see the lion emerge from the kitten though, and I don’t blame her because our office is full of backstabbing, stock up bitches who are constantly trying to get everyone else in trouble because they have nothing better to do with their sorry-ass lives. I myself cannot stay quiet when an injustice is at hand, I have been told before that my mouth will get me fired but I am sorry I can’t help it – I won’t put up with shit from anyone even from my boss, I just can’t stand when I am been mistreated or misjudged. So I understand Jasel 100 % and I take those words to heart! Roarrr


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