Coffee and a Cinnamon Melt

Today, browsing through some blogs I came across this incredible talented lady. Her drawings and paintings are very good, and more and more I felt I was behind on my drawing skills. Good thing is I felt inspire to draw.

I called my good friend Cristy and asked her to model for me. I have not done ink before, except for when I was at school in 2008 and did some 10minutes gestures. In fact, I have not done much ever since, which is the reason why I’m probably behind on my skills. I don’t know what to say, but I have always sort of neglected drawing. Maybe because ever since I was little drawing was something easy for me, it came naturally and without much effort, and so, I don’t perceive it as something I need to achieve, and I’m wrong to think that way, I know I am.

I will do more drawing from now on… (well that’s the plan, the problem is sticking to it)


This one is my favorite. Its an inspiration from her, not exactly her but how I wanted her to look and what I wanted to express. Its ink on paper.

These three are also an inspiration of her, however these have more style  and less like a cartoon, since she will be keeping them. I did more what she wanted. I like to please my clients.

Now this one is pencil and ink on paper, and looks more like her, except the face is more cartoon like.

Hope you like them; feel free to critic! Meanwhile I’m off to enjoy a good cup of coffee and my cinnamon melt.



7 thoughts on “Coffee and a Cinnamon Melt

  1. Titi, como siempre te la comistes!

    These are just great! You are so talented im your no.1 fan always been. Keep posting these I enjoyed them a lot.

    I like this technique – I prefer the ink ones over the pencil one.

    Keep it up! Oh and I so envy you…Cinnamon Melt? MMMmm

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