Meaningful Thoughts on a Meaningless Night

At work we don’t work hard to get the job done, we work hard to get us entertain the rest of the shift. No shame, I know!

I was never really much of a magazine junkie, but with the new changes on my career life, I have to accommodate myself to the circumstances. So I recently subscribed to Entertainment Weekly –I’m not all about books, see- and have been pampering myself to a little bit of light reading from time to time.

There is nothing important to say about this, there is no reason why I should even dare write a post about this… people; “I’m not a world-renown speaker, if that makes sense. This Blog is not important; I’m not going to change the world with it.” Just a thought; while at work with nothing to do, your mind tends to wonder into obscure places, “The Bullseye” in Entertainment Weekly, keeps the light on.

Here are some of the funniest jokes/news about celebrities I have read this past two weeks; and a thought or two:

On the issue of May 21;

“A Harry Potter star reportedly to wed a Twilight actor. In related news, the world no longer contains any 12-year old girls because their heads exploded.” -Have I asked what the big fuss with these Twilight actors is? Yes, I have, but let me ask again… on the other hand, let me not do that. Soon, talking about Twilight will be like talking about religion or politics, a slow pain in the… you know what!

“The rash of celebrities who are going to reveal secret babies now that Sandra Bullock has (yes, you Hilarie Burton). It’s not a secret if we don’t care.” –O.K. what is up with celebrities and adopting African/Asian babies? I mean, we all know these babies do need parents; also, a better life than their country will probably provide for them since being a foster child is hard enough on its own. But we have to stop and think realistic… are these people adopting babies because they realized how bad others have it in life or are they just doing it to follow a trend? Moreover, is adopting African/Asian babies being considered a trend? I question sometimes what is really real… getting an answer is a contradicting process.

On the issue of May 28;

“Demi vs. Selena. Kind of like Britney vs. Christina except we don’t care.” –Thank you!! Well said! Next please…

On the issue of June 4 (my favorite one);

“Milley Cyrus’ jewelry line removed from stores because it’s toxic –but her music is still freely available.” –Sometimes I wonder if it will be OK to have a kid; so many things to protect them from, and pedophilia is not particularly on my head right now.

There is this lady supervisor at work, who likes to page excessively. All night, all you hear is her paging someone or giving orders, both things unnecessary. Tonight I have been pondering on how often I let meaningless things get to me in a very meaningful way. Is it even something worth discussing? No! Yet, I talk about it, I write about it. And as we hear our infamous supervisor  mutter something or other, a co-worker says to me: “Oh! Here she is. All she wants is attention. Seriously, all those meaningless things she says, is to let us know she is here. Is it really necessary?” I just looked at him and laughed cynically, It was the funniest thing yet!


4 thoughts on “Meaningful Thoughts on a Meaningless Night

  1. funny, I did subscribed to that magazine once when I needed just to look at the trivial things in life…we all go to that dark place once in a while…I’ll be there in 12 days and then I’ll bring you back to the light..we’ll work on your garden, we’ll go out and contemplate life…it’s all good…I love you culi…

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