Dust In The Wind

Its funny where you find things. If I were to say where I heard this song -and fell in love with it- most would not believe it. I’m the girl who likes Rolling On The River, and don’t even know where I heard it first but yet I like it as much as I like Evanescence’s Call Me When You Are Sober. I’m the girl who watches Pillow Talk and sings to Rolly-Polly, yet I love You’ve Got Mail and cry at the end when Joe Fox wipes Kathleen’s tears away while Over The Rainbow plays in the background… sorry, “Kathleen Kelly”.

I listen to music and if I like it, it will surely make it to my play-list… no matter how tacky the video looks.

Dust In The Wind by Kansas (heard it on Korean drama Shoot For The Stars)


6 thoughts on “Dust In The Wind

  1. Yes I know you love your Sarah Brightman, but you want my opinion? without the wax? lol This is the best version. Sara Brightman takes away the one thing I like, the genre in which Kansas sings this song. I love it! so lonely and sad, yet makes you want to fly.

  2. Always been one of my favorite songs….one of my motto’s affirmation: “Life’s too short, fleeting…nothing last forever…enjoy the moments as they’re given to you ’cause “all we are is dust in the wind”

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