The Girl Who Listens To Cinema Paradiso

There is nothing I can think to write of tonight. I think I’m burnt out with all the Dragon Tattoo Girl and Ninja Assassins going around. I have had a pretty busy week and now, now I can’t think of nothing to write about.  There are so many things I wish to share, Spike, Faye, Nina Simone, My So-Called Life; where to start? I keep thinking of Lisbeth Salander and her taser gun. I think I’m going to get one if its possible.

After much thinking, nothing is clear, however there is one thing that is certain; I need to go to sleep! But before I do that, let me leave you with a wonderful interpretation of “Cinema Paradiso”.

Chris Botti and Yo-Yo Ma:

Is it normal to become a character’s fan? I don’t know. Where can I get a signed picture?


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