“It” is The Dragon Tattoo, Not Twilight

Everybody is talking about the book with the tattooed girl Lisbeth Salander (who I keep calling Slander… don’t ask me why) and the fascinating lady’s man Mikael Blomkvist, A.K.A “Kalle Blomkvist”… hilarious! I’m more than proud to say I have read all the books already, and still North America is waiting for the third book coming out tomorrow. Bang! But I’m not writing to brag about my accomplishment, the pressing matter now is saving the honor of my hero; Stieg Larsson.

Let me present you with some facts about the book; It was written by Stieg Larsson, my new favorite writer. When I told my dad (also a writer) that I wanted to start writing, and him knowing how little skills I have –but there is some talent for plotting nonetheless- said I needed to become a good researcher; “You must know what you write about, always inform yourself.” This is what happens with Larsson, he is not only one good researcher, but he has some awesome writing skills. No surprise the series has become a best seller in the entire world. To think I bought the book from a pharmacy stand with the purpose of killing my boredom. It did more than just entertain; it has become a part of my life. Oh Lisbeth, what have you done to me?

Larsson is a hidden jewel, a master of thriller. Mystery has a new synonym; Stieg Larsson. And he was more than just a good writer. He was the editor in chief of the magazine Expo in Sweden. He was a leading expert on Nazi, right-wing and antidemocratic organizations. And now he is dead. He is dead people!!! He died in 2004 after finishing the manuscripts. I’m totally heartbroken, I won’t be able to read anything more from him, and the world just lost another good writer and story teller. This is sad indeed. It needs to be talked about for months to come. People should realize what we have missed with the death of this writer. I need to calm down.

A Swedish film has already been made; I have not seen it yet. Although it has not been a hit here in North America, it made $88 millions in other countries. The book has been mentioned on TV. Every other person I meet is reading it. They write about it in Entertainment magazine. And, after reading what terrible mistake they have made, I feel I have to save Larsson’s honor.

So some Hollywood actresses are killing themselves to be Lisbeth? Who wouldn’t? Sign me up please! The article talks about the new Hollywood film for which some actresses are already lining up. It brings out concerns about which actors should play the parts. As the contenders there is; Knightley, Page, Mulligan, Portman, Bella… I mean, Kristen Stewart, also Mia Wasikowska, and somebody who they have not mentioned. I do not know how much of this is true, because I don’t trust magazines that much, but I’m already rooting for Portman, although I would preferred a less pretty Lisbeth, since she is not beautiful but attractive, and way-down-super cool. Brad Pitt is said to be considering the male lead, and here is something that seemed funny to me. In the article, written by Adam Markovitz, he talks about Pitt being too handsome to play Kalle Blomkvist. Who said Blomkvist was an “everyguy”? Read the book, please! Our intrepid Kalle Blomkvist is a handsome forty-something. Brad would be fine in physical terms. My question is; would he be good in the interpretation of who Blomkvist is? That I don’t know. However, after thinking if there is somebody else more suited for the role, I have nothing to say but to think: Have I idolized these two characters too much? Maybe. To this point, everything was fine. Then I read the comment Paul Bogaards made (and I’m quoting Markovitz who quoted Bogaards): “Larsson has become a global brand on par with authors like Stephenie Meyer, John Grisham, James Patterson” WHAT?! I have nothing against Meyer, but please do not, DO NOT, pair my Larsson up with her. I understand he meant brand, as in becoming totally famous, but still, Larsson and Meyer? I can’t think of them in the same level.

I won’t lie, I don’t care for the Twilight series, but I recognize that Meyer has the ability to make people follow, and that’s good. However, she is nowhere near Larsson. Meyer wrote nothing new; A vampire who falls in love with a human girl… and? Oh! He can walk during daylight? I see… and? Oh, oh! I get it, he sparkles. Now Larsson, he has written something totally mind blowing, and the best thing is, he didn’t need vampires, a weird and troubled girl was enough. So please people, refrain from turning my dragon tattooed Lisbeth into a Bella.

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9 thoughts on ““It” is The Dragon Tattoo, Not Twilight

  1. Piti, Can I borrow this book? Now you got me all excited about this author – I guess I have been living under a rock…grrr

    oh and I share your opinion on Meyer although I recognize her talent, I dont see what the big F#$% Deal is with the Twilight Series other than the hot werewolf. lol But that’s just me being a whore!

  2. I am forced to comment on this post so here it goes:


    One writes about a chick in a Dragon and the other one writes about a chick and a vampire (She laughs evilly to herself)

  3. I haven’t read any Larsson books but now I will. And I was thinking just today-after reading GOOD vampire books and manga-how much I f-ing hate everything about Twilight.

  4. I love Portman, all time favorite actress. If she gets the role, it’ll be slightly off for her (she’s hardly edgy enough and you are right, too pretty) but it would be interesting to see if she can pull it off.

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