Graffiti: Legal Urban Art?

Apparently the Miami, Windwood area doesn’t seem to mind the new adopted decorations, despite the fact that it’s streets are constantly patrolled by cops on a daily basis, the graffiti just keeps on popping.  In my opinion I think authorities are starting to enjoy it and view it as another art form as well as the members of the industrial artsy community.(Many which I suspect are behind all this) On my way back home from work I usually cut through North Miami Ave heading towards the Design District and I have been enjoying the variety in color, style, and texture of some of these works of art for months already and they keep coming, very impressive indeed.  Funny, Graffiti has been around since the cave man era, some of it dating back to 30,000 BCE in the form of prehistoric drawings on caves, rocks, animal bones, etc. It seems to be a necessary form of expression for humanity, especially in densely populated neighborhoods where the majority of the families make very low income. Some think of graffiti as being part of the hip Hop genre style and although it may have started that way I believe it has grown into a culture for the Urban Youth of all backgrounds and is receiving huge acceptance from the new generation of Yuppies roaming the Miami Soho Spots.

Re-Birth of an Industrial Wasteland


7 thoughts on “Graffiti: Legal Urban Art?

  1. Cool van. I walked past a building in Kentish Town (NW London) and spotted a very cool painted building, graffiti style. If done well, it can look very good and colourful.
    Spot on on the history of graffiti, there’s “graffiti” on Hadrian’s Wall, done by the Roman soldiers. It is human nature to want to write “! was here” lol

    • Yes. When my friend posted this I didn’t know who Obey was. Now I like some of his works, not all since the man is pretty blunt and there some stuff I just can’t handle. However, he is amazing I should post about him… hmm!

    • Because this theme doesn’t show your name, that’s why I want to make new changes and ask the authors to come up with their own logos… but I’m still working on the website so no worries I will make things easier for the reader. At least I think I would! I don’t know… what do you think of the look so far???

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