Ninja Assassin

Tonight looked to be a very lonely night for me; with my boyfriend out of town and not living at home -with mom- anymore, I have nobody to fight with. Instead, it turned out to be a very enjoyably night. I went to the supermarket for a quick meal -sushi- and rented one of those one-day rentals, Ninja Assassin. Lots of blood, lots of kicking, lots of action.

When Ninja Assassin first came out, I said I would never, never, watch it. I would only watch G.I. Joe –which happened to come out around the same time- because it had my favorite actor in it, Lee Byung-hun. But to be clear, neither G.I. Joe nor Ninja Assassin is the sort of movie that arouses my intellect. And I never knew what was the big sensation with the lead actor; Rain, I mean just the name says a lot right? Wrong! Something changed, something made me watch the movie and finally realize that while it may not be the sort of movie to discuss in a blog –haha- it is the sort of movie to watch on a Sunday night with your mother or any other person with whom you share MO (movie obsession) and get a funny, lively feeling.

What made me rent the movie? Loneliness? Boredom? Yep, all of that. Sigh.

O.K., I’m only going to do a summary of the movie this time, very short, a few words, really…

In the midst of modern technology and skyscrapers, there exists an ancient clan, the Ozunu, whose purpose is to raise kids and teach them to become Ninjas. Raizo is one of the clan, but after his girlfriend is killed for not following the laws within the clan, he seeks revenge against the very people that raised him.

At present, heartless and grotesque murders are being committed, and a Europol agent suspects the Ninja assassins. When her investigation leads her to a Russian spy who was also after the assassins trail, she discovers he was murdered after the visit of a peculiar young man. Raizo. She later learns she has become their next target.

Ninja Assassin is directed by James Mc Teigue, who was an assistant director for movies like; The Matrix (all three), Star Wars: Episode 2- Attack of the Clones, and Speed Racer –among others- which is another movie, and the first one (American) if I’m not mistaken in which Rain acted. I have nothing to say about this director because I have not seen the movies mentioned above, with the exception of The Matrix a movie I have no intention in watching again, even if they pay me… well, I think I might reconsider that.

I liked Ninja Assassin. Much more than G.I. Joe, unquestionably, but please do not tell Lee Byung-hun. And, I definitively liked Rain, whose real name –by the way- is Jung Ji-hoon. I’m still trying to understand what the big fuss is, but at least I’m half way there. Here I have some pictures of him while in the movie and training for it:

Okay enough, not to get confused on what made me like the movie. But really, I have learned (for the hundreds of times) to never say never.


3 thoughts on “Ninja Assassin

  1. I think you forgot to mention how insanely hot he is – I think thats what the big fuss is all about (great action played by a hot mysterious man) always works! At least for me, hehe!

  2. LOL!!! and I want to go to your wedding…. glad you’re learning the “never say never” lesson…it will spare you lots of grief… I’ll be there soon to keep you company culi….keep on writing baby!!!!

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