A Bittersweet Life OST

I have been wanting to write something about this movie for a long time. Today I listened to the OST on my way home from work, and I felt I had to write something about it. Its not the movie, but at least the OST.

A Bittersweet Life Is about Sun-woo’s vengeance; in short… in very short. The long version I will explain in another post, which this amazing action packed movie deserves. Here, I will leave you with the music video; it shows scenes that were edit from the movie, and also the exceptional acting of Lee Byung-hun. Plus I read somewhere that he is the director for this music video… I know he sings, but I didn’t know he also directed. I’m not too crazy about him singing, however, I have to say that Lee Byung-hun is -without a doubt- one of the best actors in Korea right now.

The OST from A Bittersweet Life is rich with great electronica rock  music from band Dalparan which in fact, won a best music award for this movie. Also, R&B by Yang Pa, and my favorite of them all Romance by the famous Japanese pianist Kuramoto Yuki.

This is the music video directed by Lee, and it features the song A Bittersweet Life III

This one is Romance by Kuramoto Yuki; Enjoy!


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