My 10 Top Asian Actors

I know this might be pretty shallow, but… what the heck! We all like to see a nice body with a handsome face from time to time, right?

I did a video for a friend of mine who lives 90miles across the ocean. She, like myself, have developed some type of fixation for Asian culture in general. We like to watch their dramas, cartoons, movies, and we also like their Actors.  Why? I have no idea. Someone asked me once: “What is it about them that you like so much? Is it because you are not Asian, and therefore its exotic? How exotic can it be?” And I thought about that saying; “Everybody wants what they can’t have” And its not like I can’t meet an Asian, or live in Asia, or learn the language. In fact, I have learned a few words in Korean, and more than just a few in Japanese. My favorite actor is Lee Byung-hun, and my favorite TV drama is Time Between Dog & Wolf. Some friends even mock me, and contemplate the idea that I’m dating my boyfriend in part because he looks (he is not) Asian. NO!!!! Not true at all.

If I have to think about when it all started, I would have to go way back when I was 6 or 7 and watched for the first time The Swan Princess, Japanese version, animated. I fell in love with Sigfrid, it was inevitable. Thanks to that cartoon I learned about Tchaikovsky, we all did back in Cuba. Some of us liked the movie and the music but that was that, others went a little bit further and developed a liking for classical music; I was part of the others. Japanese animation has always been a part of Cuban TV. We watched Banner  & Flappy, the squirrel that was raised by a cat; Samurai Pizza Cats, Voltes V, and many others I can’t think of right now. So it’s pretty safe to think that my “odd” liking to everything that is Asian has a foundation. That I didn’t just woke up one morning and said: “Ohayo gozaimasu” like some crazy *wapanese kid. No, I like Asians, preferably Japanese,  because since my infancy I have watched their cartoons and even dramas; Oshin was a Japanese drama that left many broken hearts in Cuba. Although its true, not all of my generation kids (now grown ups) like Japanese cartoons or as most called them **anime, there is a few of us that for some reason could not forget and let go. I was one of them. So I strayed a little from my path, so what? Yes! I like Korean dramas.

So… to go back to the beginning of my story; “I know this might be pretty shallow, but… what the heck! We all like to see a nice body with a handsome face from time to time, right?” In my “divert”  from Japanese TV to Korean TV, I have picked up a few shallow trays, and cannot deny it. If you feel you can relate and want to watch my top 10 Asian actors, please check out the video.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Happy melting!!! 😉

*Wapanese: The meaning of Wapanese deserves a total different blog. 🙂

**Anime: We all know what anime means, but do we really give it the proper use? I have read comments of people saying anime is not the same as cartoons because cartoons is for kids and anime is not… I have one word for those people: POKEMON. Please refer to my other post about what Anime really means. Yep! Intense.


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